FCorp - Cleaner++


Clean your computer and leave it like new


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When you browse the Internet, install games, uninstall programs, etc., you store a bunch of trash files without even knowing they’re there. These trash files do nothing except take up space and slow down your computer. FCorp - Cleaner++ helps you clean up and get rid of all those files you no longer need.

This tool has been specially designed for people who've never used programs like this one before, with an interface organized in a simple and easy-to-use way. FCorp - Cleaner++ is divided into four different tabs: registry cleaner, disk cleaner, uninstaller, and extra. The first window gets rid of any useless files that are simply taking up space in your computer. The disk cleaner does the same thing but with items directly stored on your hard drive. The uninstaller gets rid of the programs you’ve installed on your PC but don't need anymore.

Using FCorp - Cleaner++ weekly, you can keep your system clean, safe, and fast by avoiding trash files and other elements that could potentially harm your computer. Leave your PC like new and never deal with a slow computer again.
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